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What Should We Expect?
What should we expect from a political party?

No undue influence over policy by either business (the Tories) or Unions (Labour). It is the member who does the leg work who should democratically decide the direction and tone of the party, not vested interests.

One where there is no "parachuting in" of "high-profile" candidates over those who have worked hard to elect their locally chosen candidate who has "worked their patch" over the previous 4 years.

A party that backs its members, rather than censure them when they speak their mind. No craven surrender to the liberal elite, no political correctness.

An executive that will back its candidates rather than advising people to vote for x to keep y out. If a party feels that way it should not field a candidate in an area, but instead back the one it advises people to vote for tactically. Any candidate, however hopeless their task seems, is entitled to the full backing of its executive.

One where there is transparency in expenses. Party representatives must not be seen to have their "snouts in the trough" once elected. That is the old politics and it needs to go...

One that does not allow "Friends of .....Israel/Palestine/Punjab" etc subgroups within the party, nor subgroups based upon sexuality, religion etc. No special favours, no token candidates, no PC.

A party where members can operate locally without the heavy hand of HQ telling them how to campaign, and whom to choose as candidates.

One with no central candidate list - as is only proper in a party that promotes localism. One with no computerised elections that can be fixed to support certain people, or claimed that they couldn't stand due to computer malfunction.

A united Executive that is not made up of reject Tory MPs and career politicians.

To not rely excessively on their leader to show the way. We must ALL be leaders in our localities....

To become the voice of the people, to recruit those who have done real work and know the hardships of daily life. Too many in parliament have only been advisers, researchers, party officials, trade union officials or lobbyists. This has to change, as must the institutionalised corruption of MPs being directors of companies while being elected representatives........
Welcome to the Populist Party (also known as the Populist Alliance)

What We Stand For:

The Populists want the United Kingdom to trade and have good relations with our friends and neighbours in Europe, as indeed with the rest of the world, but we do not want to be governed from Brussels. We want to be a free, independent, sovereign country that is governed by our people in our own Parliament in Westminster. Therefore we aim to end Britain’s membership of the European Union. A Populist government will protect British industry with protectionist measures where necessary and engage in free trade agreements only when the national interest is served.

  • Immigration. We cannot allow more immigration while we have millions of UK born workers unemployed.
  • Investment and Employment. Bring back credit and exchange controls, clampdown on the speculators and use the money gained to get our people off the dole and back into work through creating a National Investment Bank to revive British manufacturing.
  • Pubs. Defend the pubs and working men’s clubs- abolish duty on alcohol bought in pubs and transfer the tax burden onto alcohol bought in supermarkets and off licences so pub closures are reversed and more pubs open and prosper.
  • Shops. Defend the traditional High Street from standardisation. Help the smallest businesses by taking them out of corporation tax and abolishing the Unified Business Rate. Transfer the tax burden onto the multinational and the supermarkets. Support local traders, through an online purchase tax.
  • Health/Pensioners. All health care (including prescriptions, optical and dental tests) should be free at the point of use. We oppose privatising the NHS and the scrapping of free bus passes for pensioners.
  • Housing. Rent controls to prevent greedy landlords fleecing tenants; action to eradicate residential leasehold and replace it with commonhold agreements. Scrap the "Bedroom Tax".
  • Crime. Tough law and order policy - life sentences to mean life, no more open prisons, no early release or parole for prisoners.
  • Education. Scrap student loans for university courses that are the most likely to be of use to society (to provide us with doctors, scientists etc) and restore grants for them
  • Welfare. A fair Basic Income scheme of welfare that will erase poverty, promote working and deter fraudsters.
  • Rural Economy. Restoration of the UK Fishing zone and subsidies for farmers.
  • Tax. Replace VAT with import tax to give British made goods cost advantage over foreign ones. Buy British.
  • Justice. Withdraw from the European Courts and bring in our own Bill of Rights. Deport Hate Preachers. Scrap “politically correct” laws.
  • Infrastructure. Bring water, gas, electricity, coal and British Rail back into public ownership
  • Neutrality - withdraw from NATO and become a non-aligned nation. No more of our soldiers to die due to American foreign policy…
  • Democracy. Become a Direct Democracy like Switzerland with Referenda chosen by the people, not the politicians. Power to the people not the corporations and bankers.
  • Politicians will be prohibited from having second jobs and political parties will have to be funded by their members, not businesses or unions. Phase out corruption….
  • Freedom. Restoration of personal and political freedom, moderation and commonsense.
  • Transport. No to extra airport expansions and unpopular high-speed rail planning blight. Expand light rail systems to improve travel networks to areas with currently public transport links
  • Heritage. Defend the green belt and listed buildings from developers.

Join us - send a cheque, postal order or cash for £10 to Populist Party, 11 Greensleeves Avenue, Broadstone, Dorset, BH18 8BJ.

Time to replace UKIP...
UKIP showed its naivety when it put out the feelers to Tory MPs to defect and join them. A Mark 2 Tory Party is not what the voters want. Carswell has completely misjudged the situation, his quote was"“If Ukip becomes that – that optimistic, sunshine, smiley, socially liberal, unapologetically free-market party – we will break out from the 13%; we will break out from being the also-rans in Oldham to being the winner.” It didn't happen and Labour continued to win each by-election. Now that Labour is in turmoil (despite said by-election wins under Corbyn) UKIP has an opportunity to displace Labour as the opposition to Labour in areas where the voters supported leaving the EU at the referendum. It is "social liberalism" that has brought this country to its current parlous state. All 3 main parties are "social liberal" in degrees -weak on immigration, on Islam, law and order etc. We need less multiculturalism and more nationalism. Douglas Carswell, Steven Wolfe, and especially Suzanne Evans, don't get it. Given that Paul Nuttall and Diane James have ruled out standing for UKIP's leadership, the party looks like it will be heading in the same direction as Cameron's Tories and Blair's Labour - the let's all become a fluffy, globalist, liberal organisation that concentrates upon middle-class concerns, rather than speaking the language of identity and belonging that the lower middle and working class voter desires. There is a deep ideological gulf between the classes within white Britons in the UK and the referendum exposed that. The "free market" led to our national industry being controlled by overseas companies,to big business using cheap foreign labour to replace our workers, and a flood of imports made by sweated labour. Privatisation of our national assets means we are a puppet state. So, a party that can build upon the Referendum result has to offer something different on economics, and mean what it says. UKIP post Farage, faces a do or die situation. Brexit is making some people consider that UKIP had "done its job" and some have already headed back to the Tories. Those people leaving should make UKIP more popular, BUT the choice of leader is now looking like a choice between social liberals, and if UKIP heads down that route many will be looking for a new political home. That party, we hope, will be the Populists.

Our Executive

At the Annual General Meeting, held on Saturday 21st May 201, the following Executive members were elected:

The Populist Executive

Leader: Mr Russell White,

Deputy Leader: Mr Andrew Williams

Chairman: Mr Lee Consterdine

Deputy Chairman Mr Jonothon Boulter

Treasurer: Mr Lee Consterdine

Nominating Officer: Miss Michele Caruana (also to serve as General Purposes Secretary and membership secretary)

Mrs Min Ellen Davies - Without Portfolio

Mr Clive Greedus - Without Portfolio


We always value opinions on politics or the Populist Party.

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