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Populist Party Homepage
Welcome to the Populist Party (also known as the Populist Alliance)

What We Stand For:

The Populists want the United Kingdom to trade and have good relations with our friends and neighbours in Europe, as indeed with the rest of the world, but we do not want to be governed from Brussels. We want to be a free, independent, sovereign country that is governed by our people in our own Parliament in Westminster. Therefore we aim to end Britain’s membership of the European Union. A Populist government will protect British industry with protectionist measures where necessary and engage in free trade agreements only when the national interest is served.

  • Immigration. We cannot allow more immigration while we have millions of UK born workers unemployed.
  • Investment and Employment. Bring back credit and exchange controls, clampdown on the speculators and use the money gained to get our people off the dole and back into work through creating a National Investment Bank to revive British manufacturing.
  • Pubs. Defend the pubs and working men’s clubs- abolish duty on alcohol bought in pubs and transfer the tax burden onto alcohol bought in supermarkets and off licences so pub closures are reversed and more pubs open and prosper.
  • Shops. Defend the traditional High Street from standardisation. Help the smallest businesses by taking them out of corporation tax and abolishing the Unified Business Rate. Transfer the tax burden onto the multinational and the supermarkets. Support local traders, through an online purchase tax.
  • Health/Pensioners. All health care (including prescriptions, optical and dental tests) should be free at the point of use. We oppose privatising the NHS and the scrapping of free bus passes for pensioners.
  • Housing. Rent controls to prevent greedy landlords fleecing tenants; action to eradicate residential leasehold and replace it with commonhold agreements. Scrap the "Bedroom Tax".
  • Crime. Tough law and order policy - life sentences to mean life, no more open prisons, no early release or parole for prisoners.
  • Education. Scrap student loans for university courses that are the most likely to be of use to society (to provide us with doctors, scientists etc) and restore grants for them
  • Welfare. A fair Basic Income scheme of welfare that will erase poverty, promote working and deter fraudsters.
  • Rural Economy. Restoration of the UK Fishing zone and subsidies for farmers.
  • Tax. Replace VAT with import tax to give British made goods cost advantage over foreign ones. Buy British.
  • Justice. Withdraw from the European Courts and bring in our own Bill of Rights. Deport Hate Preachers. Scrap “politically correct” laws.
  • Infrastructure. Bring water, gas, electricity, coal and British Rail back into public ownership
  • Neutrality - withdraw from NATO and become a non-aligned nation. No more of our soldiers to die due to American foreign policy…
  • Democracy. Become a Direct Democracy like Switzerland with Referenda chosen by the people, not the politicians. Power to the people not the corporations and bankers.
  • Politicians will be prohibited from having second jobs and political parties will have to be funded by their members, not businesses or unions. Phase out corruption….
  • Freedom. Restoration of personal and political freedom, moderation and commonsense.
  • Transport. No to extra airport expansions and unpopular high-speed rail planning blight. Expand light rail systems to improve travel networks to areas with currently public transport links
  • Heritage. Defend the green belt and listed buildings from developers.

Join us - send a cheque, postal order or cash for £10 to Populist Party, 11 Greensleeves Avenue, Broadstone, Dorset, BH18 8BJ.


The Populist Party does not have a policy on individual nations or races, but it does oppose world government, power bloc politics and international treaties. We are anti-globalist and part of our anti-globalism is a policy of non-interference in other nation's affairs, opposition to interference in our policy making. We believe in localism - the small scale economy and decentralised society as envisaged by EF Schumacher, GK Chesterton and John Papworth. This is the direct opposite of internationalism and multinationalism, which is run by a remote global elite who are increasingly unnaccountable and powerful. A return to small nations, small governments, small farms and shops, and support for the "small man" against the big forces is what we strive for.



Populists believe in full employment and that unemployment is a waste of talent and resources. It leads to alienation, lethargy and crime (the saying "the devil makes work for idle hands" is as true as ever!). It is impossible to plan for the future without a job or regular income. Full employment leads to greater purchasing power and lower welfare costs. A producerist society is one in which those who work hard get a just reward for their work. Companies which introduce the "living wage" should pay less in business taxes in order to allow them to do so without incurring huge losses. Populists believe that the current employment "pecking order" is bogus. It should be about who provides society with something of lasting value. Which workers would be required in a "survival situation"? The builder who provides the roof above our heads, the cook, the doctor, the farmer. Who makes the most money in the "real world?"..... the pop star, the catwalk model, the speculator, the premier league footballer...

"Capitalism" also rewards the unproductive such as X Factor winners, speculators and "agents" of various kinds. It promotes those who live off the backs of others, just the same as welfare socialism promotes idleness. We need a system where the money earned is directly related to the amount of hours and effort put into working, and the work should be of real worth to society such as building, medicine and general manufacturing. It seems those who would be the most useless on the proverbial desert island get the most out of the "free-market" system. Populists would change the tax system to redress the balance in favour of those who produce.

Our sympathies lie with those who live off the fruits of their own labour, rather than those who live off others. People who do "real" jobs, not agents and middlemen who live comfortably off the hard work of others. Populists support "Producers First" against those who scrounge off others or make their fortunes by shifting money between different countries.

Say we had to rebuild society from scratch -what good would an estate agent or advertiser be? We'd need builders, cooks, engineers, sanitation experts, farmers and fishermen, doctors and nurses, hunters, etc. If we needed to adapt to a hunter-gatherer society we would be in dire straits. Ray Mears would be very busy training people. We need to redistribute to the truly productive as I have described them. That cannot be done in the bogus free-market.....

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Our Executive

At the Annual General Meeting, held on Saturday 21st May 201, the following Executive members were elected:

The Populist Executive

Leader: Mr Russell White,

Deputy Leader: Mr Andrew Williams

Chairman: Mr Lee Consterdine

Deputy Chairman Mr Jonothon Boulter

Treasurer: Mr Lee Consterdine

Nominating Officer: Miss Michele Caruana (also to serve as General Purposes Secretary and membership secretary)

Mrs Min Ellen Davies - Without Portfolio


We always value opinions on politics or the Populist Party.

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